Thursday, 30 November 2006

Marketing and the cell phone

2 new initiatives from Vodafone will attempt to increase the 0.5% of the global advertising spend that is dedicated to the mobile platform
Google will bring its AdWords approach to the Vodafone platform., where advertisers will pay to have their ads placed alongside search results.
Vodafone has also initiated a deal, again in the UK with Yahoo to provide targeted ads in various formats to Vodafone customers who opt in. Customers will initially provide Vodafone with demographic information such as age and gender, this will be married to other demographic and behavioural data based on actual phone usage. Over time, this will provide a pretty good profile of an individual and her specific areas of interest. Well targeted ads are more likely to be relevant, and relevance leads to engagement...
I am convinced that because of the personal, highly targetable and interactive nature of the device, the mobile plhone will become the channel of choice for digital CRM programs in the next couple of years.

Wednesday, 29 November 2006

Brand Monitoring

I am seeing more and more companies with increasingly sophisticated products in this space (which Forrester defines as "The ongoing analysis of mainstream media and consumer-generated content to identify trends relevant to a company’s marketing activities and competitive landscape." The early players identified where activity around a given brand or subject was taking place and who was generating the most buzz - the online mavens if you like. They have morphed into solutions which tell us what is really going on - solutions are getting smarter, they can interpret sentiments and many provide the possibility to participate directly into the potentially many blogs without going to each of them in turn. I leave aside the ethical issues that this raises. The truth is though no outsider to an online community will successfully influence a conversation - it's the online equivalent at sitting down at a table full of strangers and starting to talk - the results are predicctable!
A good example of companies and products in this field is Visible Technologies. My company, Wunderman also has an offering. The University of Washington is doing some pioneering research into this field.