Tuesday, 9 January 2007

If You Think Of It As A Website...

...then you will forget that it's really a customer journey, a window through which your customer views you, evaluates you, talks to you and otherwise interacts with you. If you see it as a website you are viewing it from your angle not that of the consumer and you will not be able to connect the dots to enable the site visitor to achieve her goals.

See it more as a series of connected steps that lead to either a success event (some form of conversion) or to frustration and abandonment. Where that journey starts is vital (landing Page) and each subsequent step needs to clearly, simply and naturally lead to the next.

In one sentence: a series of facilitated actions which lead to mutual satisfaction.

An excellent set of guiding principles were written decades ago by the Chairman Emeritus of my company - Lester Wunderman 19 things all successful direct marketers know.