Monday, 12 March 2007

Models For Mobile (advertising) bis...

The fact that the last 3 posts have been focused on mobile marketing is more a reflection of where relationship marketing is going rather that any personal preference I may have.

Nokia have announced the launch of a revolutionary way to advertise on the mobile – removing the barriers of working with many different operators across different markets (and of course within the same market) and increasing essential targeting and optimisation capabilities…. The Nokia ad service can potentially work on all Nokia handsets regardless of the operator. So advertisers get one company to deal with and they can target customers effectively because the gateways are run by Nokia… The keys are:
  • Virtually global reach
  • Simplicity for the advertiser
  • Advertisers can optimize their spend by delivering specific ads to target groups in specific markets
  • Consolidate metrics
  • Relevant (and therefore effective) messages to the customer

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