Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Asynchronous Conversation Anyone?

In a recent Forrester report entitled "What the Long Tail Does For Relationship Marketing" I found some insightful observations around email marketing.

....Although email marketing is embraced by 93% of marketers, emails are still not up to standards. In Forrester's annual review of email programs only one of the 63 reviewed passed our test, mostly due to lack of customer centricity. Generic blasts of email newsletters, too often the online relationship marketing silver bullet, are not dialogue-building tools. Nor is simply substituting emails for direct mail the right approach. Forrester recommends building email conversations to guide customers through the consideration and purchase cycles.
Music to my ears...

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amandasan said...

Not sure if you ever order from but their email communications are quite interesting. They just wished me "happy anniversary" for a pair of shoes I bought a year ago and mentioned that they still sell that shoe in case I want a new pair.