Friday, 22 June 2007

How To Be Relevant

We in the Direct and Relationship Marketing industry have long understood that the more relevant an ad can be the better. There is increasing debate on the best way to be relevant to our audiences. A recent study (May 2007) from Jupiter Research and AOL compared contextual with behavioral approaches:

  • 74% of frequent ad viewers stated they would pay more attention to a contextual ad vs. 89% who would pay more attention to behavioral ads

  • 63% of online consumers say they pay more attention to ads that fit their specific interests vs. 49% who pay more attention to ads that are directly related to their current online activity; that data could be interpreted as more attention for contextual (specific interests) than behavioral (current online activity)

  • 67% of online shoppers — defined as those who research and/or purchase online — notice behaviorally targeted ads vs. 53% who notice contextual targeted ads.

So, while behavioural advertising is harder to deliver on effectively - it is more rewarding if you can get it right...