Friday, 20 July 2007

Voice Authentication For Mobile

Voice Pay a U.K. based company has created a methodology by which a person's voiceprint (as individual as a fingerprint) can be used as a way to secure credit card payments instead of giving out their card number. Great for making payments by mobile phone for example. Powered by a speech authentication algorithm developed by Voice Vault, the system analyzes 117 voice parameters that are wholly unique to an individual's vocal chords and the shape of the inside of the mouth and nasal cavity.
A customer simply sets up an account with Voice Pay and provides a voiceprint by repeating a series of randomly generated numbers. Authentication happens at the time of purchase. For example, a website might have a Voice Pay icon that the shopper would click to make a purchase. The click would launch the Voice Pay site, which, once the shopper had logged in, would call the customer's cell phone.

The Voice Pay site is here...

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