Wednesday, 8 August 2007

More "What Is Digital?"

It seems that David W. Kenny, the chairman and chief executive of Digitas based in Boston and part of the Publicis network agrees with my take on what digital is to marketers - At least in part. In a New York Times article, Mr. Kenny argues for a digital production play in that a lot more content will need to be created to be able to do really targeted communications to niche audiences:

The plan is to build a global digital ad network that uses offshore labor to create thousands of versions of ads. Then, using data about consumers and computer algorithms, the network will decide which advertising message to show at which moment to every person who turns on a computer, cellphone or — eventually — a television.

So digital, in this sense is addressable - as I already argued, a better definition includes addressability, interactivity and measurability. The "addressable" part only really gives you the basis to start a conversation based on some things you know about me , the interactivity and measurability provide the listening tools to create an ongoing dialog and therefore to engage with me. In my opinion, the true promise of digital resides here.