Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Social Climbing

Success in Social Media is a very smart, pragmatic guide to just that - How to use social media effectively. Broken down into 12 steps, the guide covers all aspects of marketing in an era of connected communities. The guide (from MotiveLab and Buzzlogic) provides clear guiding principles around the following:

1. Establish Clear Business Objectives and Metrics
2. Reframe Your Notion of Marketing Communications
3. Clarify Your Positioning
4. Identify the Influencers
5. Listen Before You Launch
6. Integrate Social Media with SEO
7. Engage Your Audience
8. Engage Your Employees
9. Engage Your Customers
10. Be Honest and Authentic
11. Define Metrics According to Business Objectives
12. Fail Quickly. Fail Cheaply