Monday, 8 October 2007

It Won't Hurt A Bit

Microsoft, along with a number of partners, from medical providers to patient advocates and device manufacturers, has launched HealthVault. The concept is aimed at helping people to better manage their health information electronically. Users can download health records from providers like doctors, hospitals, health care providers etc and upload data from devices such as blood pressure monitors. Users can also enter data from their workout routines...

The service is free will be monetized primarily by search traffic, as it's tied to Microsoft's health search engine. According to Peter Neupert, vice president of the Microsoft Health Solutions Group, "search is a big market and we can monetize this around health searches with online ads."

I see two risks, will people trust Microsoft - so long associated with weak security and hacking? After all - medical information is even more sensitive than financial records. Secondly, the competition is lining up, the health care providers. Google and

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