Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Virgin Freebies

In the high stakes "engagement" game, Virgin Mobile's Sugar Mama program straightforwardly places a dollar value on the time a visitor spends watching and interacting with a sponsor's ad. And, unlike previous versions of this model the Sugar Mama approach is offering users something they already want - minutes - and it does so in a very clear and uncomplicated way. To get your credits, you need to go to the Virgin Mobile site and view ads from Ultramercial. In exchange you will get pre-paid credits to your wireless account. It appears to be working, Ultramercial has had over 450,000 customers subscribe to the program, which has given away over 15 million free minutes. The company says 1,000 new users sign up a day. The program has also found success with advertisers, with relationships as diverse as Dell, United Airlines, E-Trade, Fox and the History Chanel...


Trevor Attridge said...

Blyk – Virtual operator partnered with Orange Telecom

Free airtime offered to customers who accept adverts to their mobile phones

Xero Mobile

As above , free airtime and reduced cost of handsets for accepting advertising to the handset.

With the value of airtime being eroded on a constant basis by most operators, is the reward for people enough?

And then …..

Recent announcement from the mobile operator 3 of it's new ' Skype ' phone which will offer 70 hours of free calls to it's users to consider.

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