Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Consumers Drive Growth

A recent Morgan Stanley report based on the firm's Internet and Technology conferences highlights growth driven by consumers, emerging markets, and video content.

For example:
  • Consumers are now the top users of semiconductors, for example, having surpassed enterprises and the government.

  • Consumer IP traffic is set to overtake enterprise traffic in 2008

  • Consumer devices, particularly cell phones and iPod-type hardware, are driving huge growth in distributed storage capacity.

  • U.S. IT spending as a percentage of corporate capital expenditures is back up to 50 percent and climbing, having dipped down into the 40 percent range from 2002 to 2005.

  • Google's year-over-year search query growth is 70 percent

  • YouTube's annual growth rate is 185 percent - YouTube served 20 billion minutes of video in August

  • Wikipedia's growing 92 percent per year,

  • Facebook, up by 348 percent.

  • India, and Latin America account for the vast bulk of PC, Internet, and mobile device growth

  • Non U.S. markets are leading in usage penetration in many tech categories, i.e. eCommerce in Germany, online gaming in China, broadband in South Korea, mobile payments in Japan, online advertising in the United Kingdom, and social networking in Brazil.

Food for thought…