Saturday, 22 December 2007

Smarter & Smarter

Since there will always be ads, at least show me those that I may be interested in.... and marrying offline demographic profiles with online behavioral data is the most intriguing way I know of being relevant to your audience. Remember DoubleClick buying Abacus Direct Corp. in 1999? They used direct-mail databases that enabled them to match ads with individual buying habits - a bridge to far then and still now.
More recently and to less general clamour Acxiom launched a product called Relevance-X, now, when you give your name and address to a site partnering with Acxiom, the company will match you against its offline records and tag your computer with a "cookie" identifying your life stage and match that with the type of site you are visiting to determine the best ad to show. The company is at pains to demonstrate that no personally identifiable information is collected or used, only demographic attributes for your particular "segment" of the population. Nor will the company create profiles based on an individual's browsing history. It targets ads only to the site the person's currently visiting. Finally consumers can "opt out" either at Acxiom's Web site or by calling a toll-free phone number.

Worth keeping an eye on....