Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Spotlight On Rich Media

According a Forrester Research report entitled "US Interactive Marketing Forecast, 2007 To 2012," Rich Media or Interactive ads are expected to grow to 42 percent of the overall US Online display market by 2012. As a result of this expected growth, the accurate measurement of rich media campaigns will become crucial.

DoubleClick recently launched Spotlight for Rich Media - the first DoubleClick report to correlate individual rich media metrics, such as interactions, expansions, multiple click-throughs and video plays directly to site conversions. Therefore enabling advertisers to measure and optimize to the actual dollar return of specific graphical and interactive elements within creative campaigns. The report allows marketers to:
  • Monitor conversion rates for multiple click-through links and update creatives to promote the link that’s driving the most value.
  • Estimate the real dollar return of different types of video.
  • Calculate the direct revenue effect of aggressive implementations like mouse-over-to-expand and auto-expand versus conservative approaches like click-to-expand.
  • Measure how individual features within a rich media ad correlate to conversions so you can promote more of what works.
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