Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Does Anyone Actually Pay Anymore?

My attention was recently drawn to a free mobile network that launched at the end of last year in the UK - I wonder if anyone under the age of 20 actually pays to use a phone anymore - Anyway, Blyk gives its users 217 free texts a month as well as 43 free minutes in exchange for receiving up to 6 messages a day, targeted based on that users detailed profile. Blyk has so far run 500 mobile campaigns with a 29% response rate. Not too shabby in a hard to reach demographic...


len ellis said...

Someone always pays. In your UK instance, the advertiser is paying for the consumer's attention--plus ca change.

As you noted, the response rate achieved by targeting is impressive. If you know how the detailed profile was created, please share.


Cécile (Wunderman Paris) said...

Blyk was invited at the Ad:Tech in Paris. Here are just a few notes I've taken:

Their target is 16-24.
The subscribers define by themselves their different areas of interest when they register (“the old fashion way”, by select or unselect items).

They receive then a chip for their phones.

The ads tend to be interactive ones: who is your favorite singer? A/ b/ or c/. Then the subscriber receives an ad featuring his favorite singer for instance.

All this may explain the response rate !