Saturday, 3 May 2008

Passion Pays

Max Kalehoff in his AttentionMax blog underlines the singular importance of passion for companies. His main tenet, excellently put, is that competence and flawless delivery are now table stakes and for the customer, passion is the difference maker.
When passion lets loose, you drive focus, cultivate mastery, leverage spontaneity, foster creativity, build intuition and live toward mission. The dots connect. Clarity emerges. Your own bar of excellence sets higher, and you become infatuated with exceeding it.
A great contribution to the debate...


Len Ellis said...

I'm a fan of AttentionMax and Max's friend but disagree that competence and flawless delivery are now table stakes. In my experience, adding one plus one to get two is a huge accmoplishment. You have to find the two one's, insert the plus sign in between them and then apply enough pressure to squirt out a two on the other side. i get tired just thinking about it.

CJ said...

I agree that passion is the great energizer ... but I often believe companies shoot for the tree tops and the canopy in the rainforest, and don't see the saws and axes down below.