Saturday, 11 October 2008

Free Insight?

This week Yahoo! launched its competitive product to Google Analytics. Called Yahoo! Web Analytics, the service is the product of their recent acquisition of IndexTools. So will the arrival of a new tool lead to more effective online marketing? Yahoo claim their product is superior to Google Analytics in that it provides:
  • Real-time data: If recency is the best predictor of future behaviour, real-time is hard to beat
  • Raw data: Getting raw data means that the only limit to the way one interogates the data is the imagination applied
  • Ease of use and flexibility: The easier a tool is to use the more likely it will be used well
Let's see... While good tools will provide good analysis, only humans can provide the crucial insight that will ultimately be the difference maker, that insight includes asking the right questions and interpreting the answers. Whilst I am enthusiastic about the real-time analysis in the new tool, that is only valuable if it leads to real-time optimisation. Otherwise, it's just quicker evidence of what's not working...