Sunday, 21 December 2008

Mobile Couponing - The Time Could Be Now..

OK, I know we have been saying this since 2004 but...

American marketers offer in excess of 15Billion dollars worth of coupons every year and, in a time of generalised economic woes, consumers are more than ever motivated by promotions (see black Friday and cyber Monday's results). Having started bottom of the class, current mobile phone penetration in the US sits at about 85% and SNL Kagen see that growing to 100% by 2013.

So are the stars aligned?

Some of the opportunities for marketers in using mobiles to reach their consumers were outlined earlier this year in a JupiterResearch report.

"Mobile coupons are gaining traction among advertisers, and are no longer just a niche tactic, rather they are moving toward the mainstream to more common use. There are definite benefits to using mobile coupons such as real-time offers, geo-targeting, personalization, time-of-day redemption tracking, triggering impulse purchases, and a lower cost of delivery.