Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Un-Marketing Technology

Interruption marketing has proven itself to be pretty ineffective at least in terms of creating any kind of lasting affinity between a consumer and a brand. Often, the reverse is true and the frustration this kind of advertising causes can negatively affect customer perceptions and preferences.

On of my pet peeves when watching TV news or sports (pretty much the only things I do watch live) is the volume variations between the programming and the commercials.... SRS have created a new product designed to equalise these volume variations and thus to reduce the number of times I need to raise and lower the volume on my TV set.

I think two things about this - 1) well done SRS for spotting a market need and filling it. 2) The TV networks are completely crazy to make this product necessary.

If I am a TV advertiser the last thing I really want to do is have my audience reach for their remote control at precisely the moment i do not want them to have it in their hand....