Sunday, 17 January 2010

Biting The Hand?

Google's inclusion of an Ad Blocker into it's Chrome browser seems incongruous when you consider that Google is the largest broker of on-site advertising in the world. The company takes a (at least explicitly) different view, Google engineering director Linus Upson said recently at Add-On-Con :
"We think about this a lot at Google, because we make [just about] all of our money from advertising. It's unlikely that ad blockers will get to the level where they imperil the advertising market, because if advertising is so annoying that a large segment of the population wants to block it, then advertising needs to get less annoying."
The question would be more pertinent and potentially troubling if Chrome had a dominant market share (it is currently just above 4%). Nevertheless over time, ad blocking will become more prevalent and that will in no way ease the pressure on marketers to make their advertising more relevant (on all of the dimensions of relevance: contextual, temporal and experiential) and therefore more welcome.

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