Monday, 15 March 2010

Giving Your Segmentation An Attitude...

CRM - Customer Relationship Management (or more correctly Customers Really Manage), has always been founded on a complete understanding of your customer. The tailor that knows instinctively what kind of suits you would wear and therefore which to propose, because he knows "who" you are as well as what you have bought previously. This level of understanding cannot be generated from transactional data alone. So many programs are based on this one-dimensional, behavioural approach to understanding the customer.

To really derive value from such programs, it is essential to understand the attitudes of your customers and prospective customers:
  • How customers relate to your category,
  • How customers think about you and your competitors,
  • Why customers purchase from you, and crucially,
  • Why they don't
Adding the "why" to the "what" that your data already provides will generate exponentially better campaigns that lead to significantly better business outcomes.

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Photo: Adweek

Monday, 8 March 2010

Confusing Data With Insight

I have been using this long-form ad created for Microsoft Advertising for a couple of years to illustrate the failings of so-called customer insight. The truth is, if all we have is customer data then basing any kind of meaningful (and I mean relevant) messaging and communications on them is a losing proposition. Insight can come from data - data (however much of it one has) is not insight. The film is excellent, a refreshing, irreverent look at customer intimacy based on data... The film was made by Openhere a Belgian agency. Enjoy...