Sunday, 13 June 2010

What Price Differentiation?

Google has just released a suite of competitive analytic tools to allow AdWords advertisers to compare their performance against an anonymous set of their competitors. Analyze Competition will allow you to

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Consumer is Boss

P&G has launched a direct to consumer ecommerce site called The eStore.  There are a few interesting elements to this, firstly the focus here is on insights. The site was developed with input from more that 5,000 P&G consumers who defined their ideal experience for researching and purchasing products online. Secondly, the direct nature of the business will once again give P&G access to the customer insights that they surrendered to retailers years ago.

"Our “Consumer is Boss” focus means we must be available to consumers when and where they seek to research or purchase P&G products."

P&G themselves define the central purpose of the eStore to be a living, learning lab. Shopper behaviours and other insights will be integrated into the evolution of the experience and will inform testing and delivery of offers, tools, features and expertise along with existing P&G capabilities in the CRM, mobile and personalized product consultation areas.

P&G has provided (or supported) many of the innovations in on-line marketing dating back to the 90s when the company gave it's agencies a clear reminder that online marketing needed to be a focus for them. Around the turn of the century, they described themselves as moving from being the "loudest shouter" in marketing to the "best listener". Many of their moves since then (including this one) confirm the intent.

Happy shopping...